“Filled with or Full of the Holy Spirit”

Both in Charismatic and Non Charismatic circles, I’ve noticed over the years the phrase “filled with the Holy Spirit” is used rather loosely and sometimes presumptuously. So this study is designed to ground us a little more in the scriptures, and hopefully stir up greater hunger for more of the fullness of the Holy Spirit – especially as we see the results of those who went before us.

Definition of “filled” – in NASV Concordance
4092a; gr. Word = pimplemi; to fill full of.
4134 = pleres = full
4137 = pleroo from 4134 = to make full; to complete

Examples of Individuals

John the Baptist Luke 1:15
“filled with” 4092a
Manifested in self control (“no wine or liquor)(1:15)
Results: evangelism “will turn many back to the Lord” (1:16)

Elizabeth Luke 1:41
“filled with” 4092a
Manifestation: “baby leaped in womb” (1:41)
Results: “cried out with a loud voice” & prophesied over Mary (1:42)

Zacharias Luke 1:67
“filled with” 4092a
Result: prophesied re: Jesus & John (1:67f)

Jesus Luke 4:1
“full of” 4134
Results: “returned from the Jordan” & was “led around by the Sprit in the wilderness” (4:1)

Peter Acts 4:8
“filled with” 4092a
Results: he preached spontaneously and powerfully (4:8f)

Stephen Acts 6:5
“full of” 4134
Manifestation: “full of grace and power” (6:8)
Results: “performing great wonders and signs among the people” (6:8)

Stephen Acts 7:55
“full of” 4134
Results: “saw the glory of the Lord” (7:55)
boldly proclaimed what he saw (7:56)
forgave his murderers (7:60)

Paul Acts 9:17
“filled” 4092a
Manifestation: healed from blindness
Results: was baptized in water, and had grace to eat again

Barnabus Acts 11:24
“full of” 4134
Results: “encouraged them all with resolute heart to remain true to the Lord” (11:23)
“considerable numbers were brought to the Lord” (11:24)

Paul Acts 13:9
“filled with” 4092a
Results: “fixed his gaze on (Elymas the magician)” (13:9)
rebuked him & pronounced blindness from the Lord on him (13:10,11)

Examples of Groups of People

Disciples in Jerus. Acts 2:4
“filled with” 4092a
Manifestation: spoke in tongues (2:4)
Results: drew a crowd & created an opportunity for Peter to preach the gospel (2:5-14f)

Church in Jerus. Acts 4:31
“filled with” 4092a
Manifestation: the place shook (4:31)
Results: all spoke the word with boldness & rejoiced in midst of persecution

Seven men Acts 6:3
“full of” 4134
Results: apostles stayed focused on apostolic priorities (6:4)
servants were raised up to serve (6:5,6)
word of God kept on spreading (6:7)
number of disciples kept increasing (6:7)

Disciples in Antio. Acts 13:52
“filled with” 4137

Commands Re: the Holy Spirit: Ask, Seek, & Knock for the H.S. – Luke 11:5-13 (Note that the parallel passage in Matthew 7 does not mention the Holy Spirit, but He is clearly the object to be asked, sought and knocked for in Luke 11; note also the importance of persistence – – one of the reasons we default for lesser things is the H.S. is not immediate/instant); Walk by the Spirit Gal. 5:16; Do not grieve the H.S. – Eph. 4:30; Be filled with the Holy Spirit – Eph. 5:18; Do not quench the H.S. – I Thess. 5:19; Pray at all times in the Spirit Eph. 6:18 (cf. Jude 20).

Other Expressions re: the Holy Spirit’s work: “When the H.S. has come upon you….” Acts 1:8; “the H.S. came on them” Acts 19:6; “He had not yet fallen upon any of them” Acts 8:16; “the H.S. fell upon them” Acts 11:15; “the gift of the H.S. had been poured out upon the Gentiles…” Acts 10:45

God as a generous continual giver of the H.S.: “the God who gives you His Holy Spirit” I Thess. 4:8; “Does God give you His Spirit and work miracles among you…” Gal. 3:5 “through the provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ…” Phil. 1:19

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