January 2015

January 11, 2015

INTRODUCTION – One of the things I did this last week while cooped up in my house due to battling this cold crud is – I gave a lot of thought and prayer to this whole matter of the coming revival. It is coming. As most of you know we devoted our 5th day – Thursday – of our week of prayer and fasting to praying for revival, and praying about fulfilling our calling as a congregation to “be a revival posturing congregation”. That was the first corporate prayer meeting I was able to go to – held at the McCabes – and my sense that night was there was a lot of faith in the room and growing desperation for this promised revival. So for a while now – I’m going to spend my times in the pulpit exploring with you the history of revivals, what revival truly is, why we must believe and seek God for it, and how to prepare for it. Continue reading Revival & the Kingdom of God

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