April 2014

April 27, 2014
INTRODUCTION – outline on bulletins & list of gov’t leaders

Where we’ve been in the acts series

Joshua two weeks ago

I Tim. 2:1,2 & Nat Day of Prayer Week

The godless, reckless, and destructive rule of King Herod Agrippa the first illustrates very vividly why the church must more faithfully pray for its gov’t leaders
Four tragedies in his rule Continue reading Herod, Gov’t Leaders & The Church – Acts 12:12-25

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April 13, 2014
INTRODUCTION – Ever wonder how Jesus feels about some of your neighbors or co-workers or perhaps fellow students or relatives or maybe teachers or professors – – who routinely scorn God, Christianity, the Church, the bible, maybe they scorn you because of your faith…? Perhaps you are here this morning, and for much of your life you’ve done your own thing, and haven’t really sought the Lord at all…and more times than you care to admit – – you have given into peer pressure; and not stood up for Christ like you should have.

Fortunate for you and for me – – Jesus Christ – – the Lord of Lords and King of Kings and Creator of the Universe and Judge of all – is full of mercy.

There are many events in the course of Jesus’s life and ministry on earth that show us how merciful a God He is. But none more than His last moments on earth. Continue reading Jesus – the Merciful

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