January 2014

January 12, 2014

INTRODUCTION – Cat lovers love to opine that “cats rule and dogs drool”. As we continue in our series in the book of Acts, and start our New Year in Christ together, I want to suggest this morning that Disciples rule and Christians often merely drool.

The church in our 3 coastal town region has some wonderful opportunities this year with all of the mobilization leading up to our Reach the Beach evangelistic outreach in April and our ladies retreat in May and our men’s retreat some time in October and who knows what else. Whether we seize those opportunities and make the most of them – will depend on whether we settle for being Christians, or whether we push forward together to live and walk and reign with Christ as disciples.

I find it interesting as I survey the book of Acts that the author – Dr. Luke – uses the word “disciple” 5 x’s and the word “disciples” 25 x’s, but only uses the word Christian once; and in that instance he merely states that the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch. (acts 11:26) In fact that is the only verse in the Bible where the word “Christian” can be found. Continue reading The Difference a Disciple Makes – Acts 9:10-19

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