September 2012

September 16, 2012

INTRODUCTION – Dr. Albert Mohler – the president of one of the largest graduate level theological schools in our nation; and surely one of the greatest scholars and thinkers of our time, wrote concerning the resurrection of Jesus Christ, “The bodily resurrection of Jesus is so absolutely fundamental and necessary to Biblical Christianity – and to the gospel – that its abandonment would mean the end of Christianity as revealed in the New Testament. Jesus would be just one more Palestinian rebel; one more wisdom teacher with rag-tag disciples.”

There are many reputable and well documented books on the evidence of the bodily resurrection of Christ; so if you really want to go in depth – I’ll be glad to point you to one or more of those. But this morning – I want to briefly introduce you to the evidence from Matthew chps. 27 & 28 and then talk with you about the ramifications of it for those of us sitting in this room. Continue reading Jesus – Risen, Ruling & Recruiting! – Matthew 27:62-28:20

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September 9, 2012

INTRODUCTION – Today we continue our journey through the passion or suffering of Jesus Christ that started in ch. 26. I would like for you to turn in your Bibles to Matthew 27; and we are going to start with vs. 33 first looking at Jesus’s refusal to drink the spiked wine.

I. vs. 33,34 Jesus’s refusal of the spiked wine
By this point, Jesus had experienced multiple interrogations/trials, beatings, and that unspeakable flesh tearing scourging, all without any meals or water breaks in between. He had lost lots of blood, especially after the 39 lashes; and had to be in terrible pain, extremely thirsty and hungry, though eating was probably the least of His concerns. This by the way is why they had to enlist Simon to carry His cross (vs. 32).
So when Jesus arrived to the place called Golgotha, they offered Him wine mixed with gall. The question is why? And what was the purpose of mixing the gall with the wine? Continue reading The Passion IV – Matthew 27:33-66

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