April 2012

April 22, 2012
INTRODUCTION – As we continue our journey through the gospel of Matthew, we continue to discover how desperate our society’s need is for the kingdom of God to take root – if any real solutions are ever to come for all the problems we are facing.

Nothing ever gets accomplished; no problems ever get solved; no wrongs every get righted without leadership; and particularly without the kingdom style of leadership that Jesus Christ revealed to the world, both through His example and His teaching.

In the kingdom of God everyone is called to lead; though not everyone is called to a position of leadership. Continue reading Kingdom Leadership Principles – Matt. 23:1-12

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Easter Sunrise Service at the Rock in Morro Bay, CA April 8, 2012

This last Tuesday when I met with our noon men’s discipleship group, we wrestled with this question: Does the Bible support the contention that Jesus Christ – the Risen Head of the Church – intends to so powerfully work in and revive and purify His church before He returns – – that cities, states and even nations will be transformed by His power and grace? As you think about this question, please understand that I am not saying everyone will be saved; nor am I saying that there will no longer be rebellion against Christ. I am asking if there is any reason for us to believe biblically that the Holy Spirit might work so powerfully in our coastal region before He returns that everyone who lives and works here would at least know about it, whether they choose to participate in it or not? In other words, might we experience here before our Lord returns, what we read about in the book of Acts, and what we’ve read and heard about in reports of revivals and great awakenings that have happened at various times in human history? Continue reading Do it Again Lord

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April 1, 2012
INTRODUCTION – Jesus has been speaking alot about the kingdom, and specifically about the authority of the King in this new kingdom He came to establish. Much of His teaching in these last chapters has been in response to a growing resistance movement against the King of Kings and His new kingdom – led by the religious leaders of Jesus’s Day.

You see these leaders – the Pharisees and Scribes – had developed a religious system over time that had guaranteed for them a very comfortable lifestyle, and a level of control over the masses. And all of this was being challenged because the kingdom of God was based on truth and righteousness; whereas the religious system these men had built was based on deception and lies and man made rules and traditions.
One thing we know for sure about these guys – they wanted to do away with Jesus as soon as they possibly could pull it off. Getting Him to say some things that could incriminate Him would really help their cause – or so they thought. Continue reading Cutting to the Chase – Matthew 22:15-46

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