March 2012

March 25, 2012
INTRODUCTION – My purpose today is to do my best to help you better understand and appreciate God’s sovereign, aggressive, merciful role in our salvation, and how that fits with our human responsibility. My purpose is not to present both sides of the controversy between Calvinism and Arminianism. There is tons of material on the internet on this controversy. But I must warn you – some of it, if not much of it is in the wrong spirit, and seems to be tainted by the accuser of the brethren.

Last week we sought to understand and respond to the parable of the King’s Banquet or the Marriage Feast in Matthew 22:1-14. Jesus Christ says in the last verse of that passage, “For many are called, but few are chosen.” Referring to the King who issued a legitimate invitation to all through His servants; but who then chose who truly belonged at His banquet, or the terms by which one can come and enjoy His banquet.

When we get to ch. 24 of Matthew -twice Jesus is going to refer to His disciples as “the elect”. Continue reading God’s sovereignty vs. Human responsibility in Salvation – Matt. 22:14f

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There are about 21 spiritual gifts listed in the New Testament. Why do we need them? Because Jesus is no longer here bodily. We are His body – – His mouth, His hands, His feet, ….

I. What & Where They Are:
A. Rom. 12:6-8
Prophecy – the supernatural ability to hear and speak direct words or messages from God for an individual or group of people.

Service/serving – the supernatural ability to work hard, often behind the scenes, doing things often that others do not want to do; helping meet needs and accomplish projects with gladness and joy. Continue reading Spiritual Gifts in the New Testament – Basic Truths

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March 18, 2012
INTRODUCTION – There was not a contentious bone in Jesus Christ’s body. He did not enjoy conflict any more than anyone else in their right mind. But He never came to just teach nice moral lessons so we can all just get along.

The reality of two kingdoms. One we are born in and stuck in unless God Himself delivers us from it.
One He rules and He decides who enters it and who doesn’t. Continue reading Populating the Kingdom of God – Matthew 22:1-14

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