February 2012

February 26, 2012
INTRODUCTION – One of the great dangers in Jesus’s day and in ours is that it is possible to be playing the religious game, and even being looked up to by some, but our hearts are miles away from where they ought to be with the Living God on a day by day basis.

In today’s passage, we’re going to hopefully learn some valuable lessons from the sad example of the chief priests, elders and Pharisees – on how to avoid falling into this trap; and/or how to get out of it – if that is where we find ourselves. Continue reading Godly Sorrow – Matthew 21:23-46

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This letter – submitted on 2/13/12 in response to Joe Tarica’s Article of 2/12/12 in the Tribune has so far (2/19) not been published. My little editing team and I worked for hours to get it where we all felt good about it and it was not over 200 words. Joe’s article on the front page of the Sunday Local section was a classic bullying kind of article trying to convince traditional marriage folk that our cause is doomed and our motives are hate and fear based.

The battle some of us have been fighting for decades is a difficult battle, but certainly not a “losing one”. The fact that 63 million people in all 31 states that have voted on this issue have sided with traditional marriage doesn’t exactly spell defeat does it?

One of the many reasons why some of us in this nation have been defending traditional marriage is because of what the preponderance of social science reveals regarding the impact a female mother and a male father have on their children. Growing up in a home where both the mother and father are intact and working together results in a child’s best chance to live a healthy and prosperous and productive life. Therefore educators and pastors and therapists need to be able to pursue and encourage this model without being labeled “homophobic” or “fear mongering.”

Finally comparing one’s chosen behavior to another’s immutable characteristics such as being born as an African American is getting wearisome. People continue to leave or depart from their homosexual lifestyle. No African American that I am aware of has been able to depart from the ethnicity they were born in.

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February 19, 2012
INTRODUCTION – Our theme – “Patient Expectation”
This morning – Jesus’s expectations of us. Only when we clearly see and embrace those expectations, will our expectations be what they ought to be.

First expectation
I. The Triumphal Entry vs. 1- 11 Jesus expects us to know and receive Him as He is, not as we wish Him to be.
All four gospels give an account of this story, which is often referred to as the “Triumphal Entry”. Not that many stories are found in all four gospels; so this unusual entry by Jesus into Jerusalem is clearly important to God. Continue reading Jesus’s Expectations – Matthew 21:1- 22

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Feb. 7, 2012

This was a letter I sent to the Tribune, New Times and Bay News on Monday Jan. 23rd. None of them published it as of today = Feb. 7th – my 31st wedding anniversary. (The New Times & Bay News both published this letter on Feb. 9th).

You could have heard a pin drop….I asked the ladies in our congregation yesterday (Jan. 22) if they would be willing to share why they are pro-life; and why we should protect the unborn and discourage abortion. No one knew this was coming, and no one knew what to expect. Continue reading Latest non published letter to area newspapers re: Abortion

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