February 2011

February 26, 2011

INTRODUCTION – Jesus’ two-fold deep disappointment – Rejection in his home town; senseless murder of his cousin, forerunner, and only co-worker – John the Baptist (as contrasted to His disciples who were all a project)

Today’s passage begins with how Jesus responded to the news of John’s murder. Continue reading Meeting Overwhelming Needs – Jesus Style – Matt. 14:13-21

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Feb. 20, 2011

INTRODUCTION – Well we are jumping back into our Matthew series this week. And I want to quickly review for you where we have been, and then proceed on from there.

Most of chapter 13 of Matthew is devoted to 7 parables about the kingdom of God. Jesus spoke in parables to hide these truths from the hard hearted skeptics, and to reveal these truths to those who had ears to hear. These parables talked both about the joys and delights of entering this kingdom, and the horrors of not entering it. In our passage for today, starting with Matthew 13:53 – Jesus had just finished giving all these parables. Let’s pick up the story there and read through 14:12. Continue reading Kingdom Obedience – Matt. 13:53 – 14:12

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