June 2010

June 6, 2010
INTRODUCTION – last sermon in Matthew 9 – – we looked at this fallen human tendency of criticizing and slandering and getting offended with Jesus and His followers – rather than seeing how screwed up we ourselves are, and how much we personally need Jesus, and those who truly are following Him to help us get cleaned up and transformed from the inside out.

In the early part of Matthew 9 – we see the scribes murmuring among themselves about Jesus’s audacity to tell someone their sins are forgiven. In vs. 11 we see the Pharisees complaining to Jesus’s disciples about the kind of people Jesus chose to wine and dine with.
In vs. 14 we see John’s disciples complaining to Jesus Himself about why they fast and His disciples do not. At least these disciples came to the source with their complaint, though their complaint was unfortunate because it revealed where their source of security and worth was, and it revealed how quick they were to turn on others when something in those others’ lives challenged something in theirs.
What I want to do in the rest of our time together this morning is explore Jesus’s three fold answer to their question of complaint. Matthew 9:14-17 Continue reading Jesus & Newness Matthew 9:14-17

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