April 2010

INTRODUCTION – I believe it was about 12 and a half years ago when Anne and I got a phone call from our real estate agent telling us that he believed he had found the house for us. We had lived in a very nice two story rental home on the last block of 13th street near the Elfin forest for our first five years here in Los Osos. Our kids had made good friends on the block; we had at least two block parties a year with our neighbors, and hardly anything needed fixed on this house.

Because the house on 15th street was in the process of being foreclosed, we couldn’t walk through it; but Anne and I took several walks by it – scoping it out and praying about the possibilities. When we finally got a chance to walk through it, my wife immediately knew this was the one for us. This was the answer to years of prayers amidst some tears – as by that time we had been married 18 years and never owned a home – due to our having to get me through graduate school, and then being missionaries in Hong Kong for four years. The only problem was: this house was a disaster inside and out. When Caroline first saw it she cried in disbelief that we would dare consider leaving a house – that compared to this one was in immaculate condition. I mean this house was basically a garbage dump – inside and out. Today though – it is a testament to the transformation that vision can bring about in a much abused and dilapidated home. Continue reading Resurrecting our Faith and Calling Romans 4:13-25

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