February 2010

INTRODUCTION – refer back to early January sermon where I went through the first five months of the year, and asked prayer for matthew series and mentioned my early look at matt 8:28-34 & then encounter with young man

This morning we are going to look at one of the more unusual stories in the New Testament – – trusting that the Holy Spirit will help us not get distracted with some of the controversies or peculiarities; but instead that He will give us His heart for the demonically oppressed people around us.

It is my contention this morning that in every city and in every age there have been and there will be people who have been severely tormented and oppressed by demons. Turn with me if you would to Matthew 8:28 as we seek to learn from an incident Jesus had with two such people. Continue reading Breakthrough, Advance and Demonized People – Matt. 8:28-34

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