February 2008

February 17, 2008

INTRODUCTION – Two weeks ago – I finally got my pulpit back ☺ and we began to explore our theme for this year, which I believe God sovereignly gave us – and that theme is “Truly great in 2008”.

Since God began to reveal this theme to us back on the 6th of January in our corporate prayer meeting, I’ve been trying to discern why He gave this particular theme to us at this time? What are His purposes and intentions for us this year, and how does this theme fit in? Why greatness?

Two weeks ago – I think the first big clue we got was – the greatness of God is a consistent theme throughout scripture. “Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised.” The psalmist declared in Psalm 48:1. God is great; He has revealed His greatness to us; He has manifested it in His creation; and He wants to manifest it through His people – the church. When you delve into scripture and see how often God’s greatness is declared or proclaimed, it becomes real obvious that His people ought to be a reflection of that greatness. If we are to be a living epistle, read by all men, as the apostle Paul declared he was, and by implication we are, we dare not wallow in smallness and mediocrity and unbelief. Continue reading Pursuing Kingdom Greatness – Part II

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Truly Great in 2008 –

INTRODUCTION – Reality of world crisis (Kenya, Iraq, ), national crisis (foreclosures, medical insurance, debt, apathy re: politics), state crisis (financial bust, immigration), los osos crisis,
Small church crisis (shortage of volunteers, big bills, few people to pay, small thinking); personal/family crisis;

In the lyrics of one of Leland’s great songs, “This is an emergency.”

J.F.K.’s quote – “Great crises produce great men and great deeds of courage.”

Biblically – “Great crises cause the people of God to get re-focused on our great God, and out of that focus comes great kingdom solutions.” Continue reading Pursuing Kingdom Greatness – Part I

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